leif hauswald - songs .


who is this person in the mirror
I cannot trust in my own eyes
so many years we spent together
where is the power  we divide

my hole life I seemed to be so special
been driving my car on a straight highway
the problems I'll remove tomorrow
disturb my silence even yesterday

is everything hiding behind my horizon

how can I use your judicious words
if I don't know what I don't know 

growing up

while you are lieing next to me
naked desire is coming over me

you're only covered by your skin
the taste of sin I'm breathing in

my mind is telling to your mind
there's something for you I can't hide

let me in and show me your way
the animal in me is crying your name

growing up in you

jesters tear

day is night - white is black
friends are enemies - ignorance is back

church is a catwalk - water is wine
brain is cracked - yours is mine

memory is aching - offenders are new
mothers heart is breaking - her son was such a fool

you think he's lucky
you think he's funny         behind his mask he is crying
why can't you see it          can't you see his jesters tear
why can't you feel it

next friday

children will abuse the daddies
my words become sweet little ants
murdered people meet their killers
and some animals will eat a man

god prays to the human race
destroy yourself but spare the rest
soldier fights against his shadow
in the first line of a test

white man will awake in blackness
bad „nigger" will be president
mites in fat will be so hungry
disabled guy will start to dance

next friday will be the turning point in everybodies fucking life

split your personality

do'nt be too much political
do'nt try to be yourself
you must'nt be a critical
personality in daily hell

your beeing is depending on
unholy goodness of the rich
the only  way to rule their  world
is burning like a  witch

as long as you're depending on society
freeze your spirit or split your personality

aus liebe geboren

ist es nicht irgendwie traurig
dass vieles was jemals begann
im keime erstickte und wieder in seiner versenkung

der geist aus dem leib der mutter
war nun auf sich selbst gestellt
wurde aus liebe geboren
in die arme der kalten welt

was bleibt ist die suche nach wärme
in worten in tönen in dir
den weg zu mir selbst zu finden
und kommen ins reine mit mir


hanging around and moving slowly
homo sapiens is watching me
do they know my boring lifetime
how could I explain 'em the pain that I feel

can't understand what my blue eyes say
I'd never see my mothers land
no chance to live no room to die
your arm is too short to take my hand

with the eyes of a monkey - prisoner in a golden cage
with the eyes of a monkey - victim of the human race

lost child
to my brother daniel

tears seemed to be frozen in my eyes
when you tried to open 'em once again
deep inside both of us
we are allied forever

and now you are so far away
different thoughts disturb our brotherhood
is it the end of it
how can we help us out of it

I need a friend (for sure I need a friend)
truth hurts me, take my weakness,
be my saviour and change it to power
let us move to a place outside of the ordinary world

try to save the little child lieing within the arms of death
lost creature, beautiful child

hard to understand the mirrors hurting words
as some judicious words of a brothers love
believe me, need you, love you, too

is it the last chance
so let us live it from point cero
I'm a beggar, trying to change
and love again - for ever ...

try to save the little child, we give it into the arms of god
lost creature, beautiful child


what have I done my friend,
every second step is missing
the way out of these moments,
moments of neverending darkness,

is there a law
speaking me guilty
for branding those wounds within my own skin,

have you ever met the lord,
to tell him, to show
your anger and pain,
your sadness, your fear,

would you search for this god
to tell him about your unhappy friend,

I`ll be waiting right here,
waiting for his kingdom to come,
receiving the promised healing peace,

if you find my soul leaving my body,
do not cry for me,
just cry out a warning to the lost world,
cry as loud as you can ... and follow me